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2018 Home Buyer Fair Schedule

Saturday, June 16 • 9:00am-1:00pm
6808 Pastor Bailey Dr • Dallas, TX

2018 Workshop Schedule

9:00am        Home Buyer Fair begins / Exhibitor floor open

9:30am        Home Buying Basics Workshop
                        • Budgeting for a Home
                        • Lending & Qualifying for a Home
                        • Shopping for a Home
                        • Down Payment Assistance
                        • Q&A with Industry Experts 

10:30am      Home Buying Basics Workshop
                        • Budgeting for a Home
                        • Lending & Qualifying for a Home
                        • Shopping for a Home
                        • Down Payment Assistance
                        • Q&A with Industry Experts

11:30am       Maintaining Your Investment Workshop
                        • Understanding Reverse Mortgage
                        • Cash Out vs. Line of Credit
                        • Home Maintenance: Repairs

1:00pm        Exhibitor floor closes and we'll see you next year!

2018 Featured Vendors & Exhibitors

This year's exhibitor booths include: 
  • City of Dallas - Dallas Homebuyer Assistance Program
  • City of Dallas - Fair Housing Office
  • CityWide Community Development Corporation
  • Dallas County Home Loan Counseling
  • Dallas Habitat for Humanity
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Harmony Community Development Corporation 
  • ​National Association of Real Estate Brokers
  • North Texas Real Estate Association
  • Rebuilding Together North Texas
  • Southfair Community Development Corporation
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Stream
  • The Housing Channel
  • Trevor C. Battieste Home Inspections

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Home Buyer Fair 2018
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